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    Over Temperature Protection

    Over Voltage Protection

    Over Current Protection

    Current fuse Wirewound Fusing Resistor Thermo-Fuse Resistor

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    New Products

    Current fuse
    Current fuse
    Rated current: 100mA-20A. Rated voltage: 125V, 250Vac. Ceramic and glass tube. Fast acting and time lag. Low breaking capacity. Size: Φ5×20mm, Φ3.6×10mm. Applications: energy saving bulb, power supply, power adapter, battery charger, TV/display, air conditioner and printer.
    Wirewound Fusing Resistor
    Wirewound Fusing Resistor
    Small size. Surge protection. Over-current protection. Wave soldering and reflow soldering available. Withstand short time overload without broken. Applications: adapter, power supply and LED lamp.
    Thermo-Fuse Resistor
    Thermo-Fuse Resistor
    Patented product thermal fuse resistor, integrates a thermal fuse and a wire wound fusing resistor, which has over temperature and over current protections. It can avoid the potential risk of over high temperature caused by the wire wound resistor under a small fault current. Applications: adapter, power supply, LED lamp and power tool.